A Tribute to Mario J. Rizzo, Our Intrepid Co-Director, on His 70th Birthday

On July 6, 2018 Co-Director of the Classical Liberal Institute, Mario J. Rizzo celebrated his 70th birthday. As a tribute to Mario on this happy occasion, Dr. Andreas Hoffmann, co-editor of the ThinkMarkets blog, collected numerous messages from Mario’s colleagues and friends. Dr. Hoffmann wrote,  “There are very few economists who are as important to the development of contemporary Austrian economics as Mario,” and “These posts portray Mario as a great contributor to the Austrian revival, an extraordinarily open-minded scholar and a great friend.” Here are links to the following posts:

 Andreas Hoffmann

Jerry O’Driscoll

Pete Boettke

Richard Epstein

Israel Kirzner

Dan Klein

Boyan Jovanovic

Steve Horwitz

Tyler Cowen

Frederic Sautet

Vernon Smith

Pablo Duarte

Roger Koppl

Mathieu Bédard

Giandomenica Becchio

Larry White

Shruti Rajagopalan

Peter Lewin

Nick Cowen

Sandy Ikeda

Glen Whitman

Malte Dold

Jeffrey Tucker

Happy birthday, Mario – and here’s to many more!