Oren Bar-Gill

Oren Bar-Gill, Evelyn and Harold Meltzer Professor of Law and Economics at NYU Law, discussed his paper “Exchange Efficiency with Weak Ownership Rights.”

Clayton Gillette

Clayton Gillette, Max E. Greenberg Professor of Contract Law at NYU Law, discussed his paper “Dictatorships for Democracy: Takeovers of Financially Failed Cities.”

Mario Loyola

Mario Loyola , Visiting Fellow, Classical Liberal Institute at NYU Law and Chief Counsel to the Texas Public Policy Foundation, discussed his paper “The Rise and Fall of Detroit: How Progressive Policies Destroyed One of the World’s Greatest Cities” with Richard Epstein.

Ryan Bubb

Ryan Bubb, Associate Professor of Law at NYU Law, discussed his paper “How Behavioral Economics Trims its Sails and Why.”

Michael Levine

Michael Levine, Distinguished Research Scholar and Senior Lecturer at NYU Law, discussed his paper “Capture: For Whom Does Government Work?”

David Dyzenhaus

David Dyzenhaus, Global Visiting Professor of Law at NYU Law and a Professor of Law and Philosophy at the University of Toronto discussed his paper “Freedom under an Order of Public Law: From Hobbes through Hayek to Republicanism.”

Mario Rizzo

Mario Rizzo, Associate Professor of Economics at NYU and Co-Director, CLI, discussed his work on the concept of libertarian paternalism.

Richard Epstein

Richard Epstein, Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law at NYU Law and Director, CLI, discussed his paper “The Progressive’s Deadly Embrace of Cartels: A Close Look at Labor and Agricultural Markets 1890-1940.”