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The IP Waiver at the WTO: A Discussion of the Implications for IP, Innovation, and Public Health

The United States has announced that it supports a petition from India and South Africa to the World Trade Organization seeking a waiver of all intellectual property rights under international treaties on drugs, vaccines, or other responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. The IP waiver petition has provoked an intense policy debate over the role of intellectual property in healthcare innovation, drug development, and patient access. The WTO members have now begun the process of negotiating the precise language of the IP waiver. While the scope of the IP waiver, its implementation by each country, and its ultimate practical impact are currently unknown, this is an unprecedented development in IP and healthcare policy. This academic panel hosted by the Technology, Innovation, and Intellectual Property program of the Classical Liberal Institute at NYU School of Law discussed these and other policy issues in the IP waiver. Panelists: Sharon K. Sandeen (Mitchell Hamline), Joshua D. Sarnoff (DePaul University), Adam Mossoff (George Mason University), Bowman Heiden (Co-Director of the Center for Intellectual Property). Moderator: Liya Palagashvili (Mercatus).

The Impact of Blockchain on the Practice of Law

The NYU Journal of Law & Business and the Classical Liberal Institute at the NYU School of Law presented “The Impact of Blockchain on the Practice of Law” panel exploring the impact of blockchain technology on contract law, secured transactions, financial regulation, and trusts and estates. Panelists: Carly Howard (CEH Consulting), Heather Hughes (American University), Angela Walch (St. Mary’s University), and Zach Smolinski (Smolinski Rosario Law). Moderator: Seth C. Oranburg (Duquesne University). 

Roman Law Talk by Richard Epstein

Richard Epstein (Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law, Director of the Classical Liberal Institute at the NYU School of Law) discussed various aspects of tort law, exploring the overall structure of Roman Law, and then contrasting it with the Anglo-American solutions to the same problems.

Big Tech and The Digital Economy – The Moligopoly Scenario roundtable with Nicolas Petit

An online roundtable with Nicolas Petit (European University Institute) discussing his book, “Big Tech and the Digital Economy – The Moligopoly Scenario,” November 18, 2020. Panelists: David Teece (UC-Berkeley), Doug Melamed (Stanford University), Richard Epstein (NYU).

The Case for Patents roundtable with Daniel Spulber

An online roundtable with Daniel Spulber (Northwestern University) discussing his book, “The Case for Patents,” on May 11, 2021. Panelists: Anne Layne-Farrar (Charles River Associates), Stefani Smith (Tensegrity Law Group), Paul Heald (University of Illinois).

Innovators, Firms, and Markets: The Organizational Logic of Intellectual Property roundtable with Jonathan Barnett 

An online roundtable with Jonathan Barnett (University of Southern California) discussing his book, “Innovators, Firms, and Markets: The Organizational Logic of Intellectual Property,” on January 14, 2021. Panelists: Naomi Lamoreaux (Yale), Robert Merges (Berkeley Law), Peter Lee (UC Davis School of Law).

Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom book event with Ilya Somin

NYU Law Professors Richard Epstein and Roderick Hills joined Ilya Somin (George Mason University) to discuss his book, “Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom.”