The Ends of Capitalism

On Thursday, February 26 and Friday, February 27, 2015, CLI hosted The Ends of Capitalism, featuring experts across multiple academic disciplines participating in a broad-ranging discussion and evaluation of capitalism. The conference focused on philosophical, legal, social and economic issues from the moral basis of the system to specific issues like income distribution, intellectual property and crony capitalism.

Video recordings of each session are available below.

Thursday, February 26

9:00-10:30am  Session 1: The Ends-Independence and Morality of Capitalism
Mario Rizzo, “Abstract Morality for an Abstract Order: Liberalism’s Difficult Problem”
Bart Wilson, “Humankind in Civilization’s Extended Order: A Tragedy, The First Part”

10:50-12:20pm Session 2: Cultural Pluralism and Markets
Robert Cooter, “The New Economic Freedom”, co-authored with Benjamin Chen
Chandran Kukathas, “A Critique of the Cultural Defense of Immigration Control”

1:50-3:20pm Session 3: Crony Capitalism and Rent Seeking
Todd Zywicki, “Rent-Seeking, Crony Capitalism, and the Crony Constitution”
Paul Rubin, “Crony Capitalism”

3:40-5:10pm Session 4: Property Rights, Externalities and Pollution
Terry Anderson, “If Hayek and Coase Were Environmentalists: Linking Economics and Ecology”
Richard Epstein, “From Common Law to Environmental Protection: How the Modern Environmental Movement Has Lost Its Way”

5:30-7:00pm Session 5: Intellectual Property, Networks and Innovation
William Shughart, “Intellectual Property Rights, Public Choice, Networks, and the New Age of Informal IP Regimes”, co-authored with Diana Thomas
David Harper, “Innovation, Recombinant Capital and Public Choice”, co-authored with Anthony Endres

Friday, Febraury 27

10:00-11:30am Session 6: Income Distribution
David Schmidtz, “Price Controls and Capitalism”
Robert Miller, “Norms of Equality Implicit in Capitalism”

12:00-1:30pm Session 7: Constraints on Politics aka “Taming the Leviathan”
Barry Weingast, “Capitalism, Democracy, and Countermajoritarian Institutions”
Peter Boettke, “Taming Leviathan”, co-authored with Liya Palagashvili