Now Available: Spontaneous Order and Emergence of New Systems of Property Papers

The Iowa Law Review has published a special issue featuring the papers from our November 13-15, 2014 Spontaneous Order and Emergence of New Systems of Property conference.

Links to the articles are available below.  For more information or to watch video recordings of the conference, please click here.


Introduction to Spontaneous Order and Emergence of New Systems of Property
     Yun-chien Chang & Richard A. Epstein
100 Iowa L. Rev. 2249 (2015)

Towards a More Evolutionary Theory of Property Rights
     Lee Alston & Bernardo Mueller
100 Iowa L. Rev. 2255 (2015)

The Numerus Clausus Principle, Property Customs, and the Emergence of New Property Forms
     Yun-chien Chang & Henry E. Smith
100 Iowa L. Rev. 2275 (2015)

Invited Takings: Supermajority, Assembly Surplus, and Local Public Financing
    Ruoying Chen
100 Iowa L. Rev. 2309 (2015)

How Spontaneous? How Regulated?: The Evolution of Property Rights Systems
    Richard A. Epstein
100 Iowa L. Rev. 2341 (2015)

Slicing Spontaneity
    Lee Anne Fennell
100 Iowa L. Rev. 2365 (2015)

Conflicts of Entitlements in Property Law: The Complexity and Monotonicity of Rules
    Georg von Wangenheim & Fernando Gomez
100 Iowa L. Rev. 2389 (2015)

Pre-Modern Credit Networks and the Limits of Reputation
     Emily Kadens
100 Iowa L. Rev. 2429 (2015)

Endogenous First-Possession Property Rights in Open-Access Resources
     Bryan Leonard & Gary D. Libecap
100 Iowa L. Rev. 2457 (2015)

The Evolution of Relational Property Rights: A Case of Chinese Rural Land Reform
     Shitong Qiao & Frank Upham
100 Iowa L. Rev. 2479 (2015)

Contracting for Control of Landscape-Level Resources
    Karen Brandshaw Schulz & Dean Lueck
100 Iowa L. Rev. 2507 (2015)