Links of Interest

Is Intellectual Property, Property

A Debate Between Mark Lemley & Richard Epstein

The Case Against Nudging and the Paternalistic State

Shruti Rajagopalan talks with Mario Rizzo and Glen Whitman about the downsides of newer, supposedly softer forms of paternalism

New York University Journal of Law and Liberty
The Journal of Law & Liberty is the first student-edited law journal dedicated to the critical exploration of classical liberal ideas

Defining Ideas
A Hoover Institution Journal

A blog of the NYU Colloquium on Market Institutions and Economic Processes

Mercatus Center at George Mason University
The Mercatus Center is a university-based research center dedicated to bridging the gap between academic research and public policy problems

New York University Colloquium on Market Institutions and Economic Processes, Spring 2014
The schedule for the Spring 2014 Colloquium on Market Institutions & Economic Processes in the Department of Economics at New York University, sponsored by the Earhart Foundation

The Libertarian Archives: Podcasts
An archive of podcasts from Richard Epstein’s column “The Libertarian”

Conservative conversation and community

Volokh Conspiracy
A Washington Post blog cofounded by Eugene Volokh and Alexander Volokh

Taking Hayek Seriously
A website on the life and work of Friedrich A. Hayek, edited and written by Greg Ransom