What We Do

The Classical Liberal Institute launched in the fall of 2013 at the New York University School of Law. Our first conference, a discussion on the The Future of Fannie and Freddie was co-sponsored with the New York University Journal of Law and Business. Since then, we have held and sponsored events on a wide range of topics, in areas as varied as the relationship of new technology to the judiciary, patent reform, Bitcoin, and gun control. In February 2014, we held our first symposium, on Director Richard Epstein’s new book, The Classical Liberal Constitution.

One of our most innovative programs is our Faculty Lunch Discussion Series. Based on a faculty workshop format, these periodic events allow students to discuss draft papers and research with their faculty authors in an informal setting, allowing J.D. students to experience the type of workshops normally reserved for graduate students and faculty members. Through this series we hope to inspire the next generation of legal scholars to thoughtfully explore new ideas and challenge assumptions.

We also support the annual Friedrich A. von Hayek Lecture at NYU Law and many of the activities of student organizations, such as the NYU Journal of Law and Liberty.

CLI also sponsors post-JD and Ph.D. fellows who spend up to two years pursuing their research at NYU, as well as short-term visiting research fellows, including people from fields other than law. We are particularly interested in the intersection between law and economics.

To read more about our past and upcoming events, please visit our News & Events page.