The Review of Behavioral Economics

In April 2018, the Classical Liberal Institute held a conference on “Behavioral Economics and New Paternalism” at NYU School of Law. The papers from this conference have since been published in the Review of Behavioral Economics and are available with open access. You can read each article here at the following link, or by clicking each paper below:

Volume 5, Issue 3-4 Special Issue on Paternalism
Introduction: Behavioral Economics and New Paternalism
Richard A. Epstein | Mario J. Rizzo

Rationality as a Process
Mario J. Rizzo | Glen Whitman

Toward A Behavioral Foundation of Normative Economics
Malte F. Dold | Christian Schubert

Paternalism and Entrepreneurship
Robert Sugden

Efficacious and Ethical Public Paternalism
Daniel M. Hausman

Future Imperfect: Behavioral Economics and Government Paternalism
Julian Le Grand

Moral Paternalism
Sarah Conly

The Bias Bias in Behavioral Economics
Gerd Gigerenzer

Constructed Preferences, Rationality, and Choice Architecture
Craig R. M. McKenzie | Shlomi Sher | Lim M. Leong | Johannes Müller-Trede

Decentralization Mislaid: On New Paternalism and Skepticism toward Experts
Nathan Berg

The Dangerous Allure of Libertarian Paternalism
Richard A. Epstein

Choice Architecture in Consumer Financial Decisions
Min Zhao

The Behavioral Economics of Behavioral Law & Economics
Todd J. Zywicki

April 2018, NYU School of Law